Sachin Tendulkar: The Effect of Deepfake Recordings in India

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Introduction – Sachin Tendulkar: The Effect of Deepfake Recordings in India

Sachin Tendulkar, the prestigious Indian cricket legend, has as of late been designated by a deepfake video, igniting broad worry about the abuse of innovation and the spread of deception. This occurrence has raised alerts about the potential dangers presented by deepfake innovation and the critical requirement for administrative measures to resolve this issue.

The Deepfake Incident In a deepfake video, Sachin Tendulkar endorsed an online gaming app and fabricatedly claimed that his daughter benefited from it. Tendulkar speedily upbraided the video, communicating his trouble at the widespread abuse of innovation and the spread of deception. He asked social media platforms to act quickly to stop the spread of such misleading content.

Increasing Concerns The emergence of deepfake videos that target not only Tendulkar but also other well-known figures like Shah Rukh Khan, Virat Kohli, and Narayana Murthy has raised serious concerns regarding the potential outcomes of this technology. The capacity to control content for business gain and the possibility to deceive crowds have become critical areas of stress.

In response to the deepfake incident, Tendulkar and other affected individuals have called for immediate attention to this issue. Call for Vigilance and Regulation There have been allures for the execution of severe principles and guidelines to guarantee the brief expulsion of deepfake content from virtual entertainment stages. Deepfakes pose a threat to the Indian government, and the Union Minister of State and the Ministry of Electronics & IT have been urged to act decisively.

Influence on Society

The predominance of deepfake recordings not just represents a danger to the standing of well known people yet additionally can possibly hurt inescapable social. The episode including Tendulkar has featured the earnest need to shield people, especially ladies, from the noxious utilization of deepfake innovation.


The deepfake video focusing on Sachin Tendulkar has brought to the cutting edge the squeezing need to address the abuse of innovation and the spread of deception through administrative measures and expanded cautiousness. The incident has brought to light the potential dangers posed by deepfake technology and the need to prevent its negative effects on individuals and society as a whole by taking proactive measures.


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