Home News Spiritual Leader Arrested in Nepal on Rape Charges

Spiritual Leader Arrested in Nepal on Rape Charges

Spiritual Leader Arrested in Nepal on Rape Charges
Buddha Kid

Introduction – Buddha Kid

Nepal’s otherworldly scene has been shaken by the capture of Smash Bahadur Bomjon, otherwise called the “Buddha Kid,” on charges of assault and contribution in the vanishing of people at his ashrams. The self-described spiritual leader, who is 33 years old and has claimed to be able to meditate in silence for long periods of time, has long been a controversial figure who has been the subject of a number of allegations of misconduct and abuse. His new capture has reignited the discussion encompassing his inheritance and the effect on his committed following.

The Claims

Bomjon was captured over claims of assaulting a minor and the vanishing of a few people at his ashrams. The capture was made in Kathmandu on a warrant gave for the supposed assault of a minor at an ashram in Sarlahi, a locale south of the capital. This isn’t whenever Bomjon first has confronted such serious allegations. Previously, he has been blamed for physical and sexual maltreatment, including the assault of a pious devotee at a religious community in 2018. The specialists have been examining the charges against him, and his capture has carried reestablished consideration regarding his disputable past.

Bomjon’s Experience

Bomjon rose to unmistakable quality as a teen in 2005 when it was accepted that he could contemplate for extensive stretches without food or rest, drawing in a huge following of lovers. Be that as it may, his standing became discolored as claims of misuse and wrongdoing surfaced. He has maintained a dedicated following throughout the years despite the controversies that surround him.

The Capture and Resulting Occasions

Subsequent to being on the run for a very long time, Bomjon was caught by the specialists. He is likely to face legal action for the allegations against him because he was reportedly found with a significant sum of cash. His capture has started a public objection and brought up issues about the impact and responsibility of profound forerunners in the country.

Influence on Devotees and General society

Bomjon’s capture has sent shockwaves through the local area of his devotees and general society at large. His case has reignited the discussion about the power and impact of otherworldly pioneers and the requirement for more noteworthy oversight and responsibility in the profound space. The claims against him have provoked soul-looking and raised worries about the government assistance of his fans.


The capture of Slam Bahadur Bomjon, oneself broadcasted “Buddha Kid,” on charges of assault and association in the vanishing of people has sent swells through Nepal’s otherworldly scene. The case has brought to the front the complicated issues of force, impact, and responsibility in the space of profound administration. As the legal procedures unfurl, the effect of Bomjon’s capture on his supporters and the more extensive public is probably going to be significant, provoking a reconsideration of the job of otherworldly forerunners in the public arena and the requirement for more noteworthy examination and guideline.


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