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Taliban Detains Women Speaking Out Against Education Ban

Taliban Detains Women Speaking Out Against Education Ban

Introduction – Taliban

The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan has prompted a progression of denials of basic freedoms, including the capture of ladies challenging the schooling boycott forced by the system. This article will investigate the foundation of the Taliban’s activities, the explanations for the fights, and the results of these captures.

Background During the rise to power in Afghanistan, a number of human rights violations, including the arrest and repression of women, were common. The system has forced a schooling boycott, contending that it is in accordance with Islamic regulation and Afghan traditions. This has prompted fights by Afghan ladies, who contend that the boycott denies them the right to training and disregards their major privileges.

The ‘Awful Hijab’ Regulation

The Taliban has likewise forced a progression of limitations on ladies’ dress, contending that they should wear the hijab as an image of their accommodation to Islamic regulation. This has prompted fights the ‘terrible hijab’ regulation, which has been condemned for disregarding ladies’ privileges and freedoms potential.


Arrests and Persecution The have been accused of detaining women who were protesting the “bad hijab” law and the ban on education. Women’s fundamental rights have been criticized as being violated and their right to peaceful protest denied by these arrests. The has been blamed for utilizing savagery and terrorizing to quiet contradiction, including the capture of female columnists and activists.

Outcomes of the Captures

The captures of ladies challenging the training boycott and the ‘awful hijab’ regulation have had a few outcomes:

1.            Infringement of Ladies’ Freedoms: The captures have been condemned for disregarding the basic privileges of ladies and denying them the right to schooling and tranquil dissent.

2.            Terrorizing of Common Society: The captures have likewise been blamed for scaring common society activists and columnists, who dread that they could be close to be designated by the Taliban system.

3.            Global Judgment: The captures have drawn in worldwide judgment, with nations and associations communicating their anxiety over the Taliban’s activities and the likely effect on the common freedoms circumstance in Afghanistan.

The Battle Against the Taliban

Afghan activists and the global local area have been battling against the Taliban’s activities, trying to bring issues to light and come down on the system to end its maltreatments. This includes standing up for women’s rights, upholding the right to education, and upholding press and speech freedom.


The captures of ladies challenging the training boycott and the ‘terrible hijab’ regulation address a serious infringement of ladies’ freedoms and the essential standards of a majority rule society. The global local area should keep on facing the Taliban activities and backing the freedoms of ladies in Afghanistan.


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